Mission Statement


To establish and maintain delivery of world- class service and training where trainee’s expanded thinking pattern are promoted.


World-class   Quality Service for the expansion of learners’ capacity to achieve the results they truly desire.



The Directors of Afri-Quest Corporate Solutions are commissioned to transform this Business Unit into available commercial entity,

creating a world class organization, whilst also providing an essential service in the setting of standards of professionalism, relevance in the business sector.

These determined, skillful, target – driven, and experienced business consultants have a strong marketing, sales, managerial leadership, environment acumen, and a passion for people development.

The managerial body shall set strategic direction, effectively lead and effectively manage all general management functions, motivate technical infrastructures representative of present business transformation, as well as being accountable for bottom line results.

The directors will also introduce change and network at the highest level for managing it. This will be attained through a proper consultation with other stakeholders.

Mr.  D. Chaka






Afri-Quest Corporate Solutions has been very busy during the past year and we should take a couple of minutes to reflect on success and accomplishments.


Summary of Activities


Our highly trained training officers are ready face the challenges of training and development. These officers have experience,

 Character and exposure on their side. With a collective effort, we have trained a remarkable number of different groups and individuals on

 various courses since the establishment of this business.


We have the potential and capacity to deliver quality service in line with the set quality standards. We need to gain new heights

 in training interventions with regard to new-fangled advancement and this we can achieve if we can work very close with your organization.                                                                                                                                                                         As we have already started out on 2013, rested and revitalized by the year-end break, Afri-Quest will reflect on the transformation

 of training into a centre of learning as direction for its success. We intend combating the low skill levels and exploitation of job performers in our country.


With a collective effort, we have had our opportunity to work with the Municipality, Lesotho Government, Glen College of Agriculture,

 Free State Government and several independent organizations.   It is against this background that we are eager to discuss our experience

 with your organization. Our experience in training and facilitation is profound. We feel that the necessary progress and skills development

 of job performer in our Province especially needs to be treated as a matter of urgency.


It is against this backdrop that Afri-Quest seeks to realize its vision of World-Class Training Agency. As a contributing agency we hope

 to achieve the goal of transforming Training and Education sector into a work based one.


Company Profile: Afri-Quest Corporate Solutions




Afri-Quest specializes in the development, implementation and management of workable staff solutions, training and development

 and setting a foundation for further learning.  Our entire approach endeavors to provide ultimate, beneficial solutions

 to the company / organization and employee. We have provisional accreditation Umalusi Council for quality assurance in general

 and further education and training.


Afri-Quest forms part of the Obamark PTY Ltd, an established South African company with more than 10 years Intellectual

Property experience in the field of training and Human Resource Solutions.  Afri-Quest Corporate Solutions has signed Joint Venture agreements

with other training institutions such as: Institute of Entrepreneurship and Corporate Excellence (I.E.C.E), DM Management, Vaiti, Rapulongane and

 associates, ROI Human Resources, South African ABET Development Agency, Retroact Training and Development  and others. This has increased our

capacity as a training provider which means we could offer our clients a bigger scope as a 1 stop training consultancy, and these business units are

demographically placed around the country in all the nine provinces which increases our national footprint as a training academy. 


Afri-Quest offers:


·         The most comprehensive and technological advanced Human resources service available in South Africa.

·         A high skilled and equitable network of entrepreneurs strategically positioned to serve African market.

·         A complete integrated Human Resource Solution.




                                                      Strategic Objectives



·         Maintain the high level of quality training provision.

·         Effectively implement objectives of the Skills development in the Training and Education Programmes.

·         Contribute in the provision of leadership for education and training provision.

·         To provide up-skilling and multi-skilling in order to improve the employability of participants.








Service Overview



 Our directors and staff have gathered extensive experience in the field corporate, para-statal and government environments.                                                                                                                               A detailed breakdown on our services could be found in this brochure. We however specialize in the following areas organizational Development:                                                                                                                                                                                     

·         ABET training- andragogy and self development studies

·          Needs Analysis –analysis  Learning Needs, Performance Needs, Environmental Needs, and Business Needs

·          Organization diagnostics- find turn around the root cause of problems in organizations.

·         Staff development programme:                                    

o    Leadership Development Program

o    Entry level staff training

o    Business skills

o   Inter -personal skills



                                                             Training Approach


 We have required the necessary skill to train and develop corporate and government`s department `s job performers /officers.

 This we achieve by using vehicle of the In Service Training, Competency Based Training / Outcome Based Training and Driven Courses

 or Lecture Hall Training Activities, Seminars and Workshops. We have also formed a working strategy that enables us to

take our services to the people. This plan will cater for the provision of over – the shoulder training and mobile training.

We think of skills development as a continuous process. The emphasis is placed on entrepreneurial skills that would enable trainees

 move beyond requiring work to creating it for others. Our plans include the employed, students, unemployed, youth, retrenches,

 and the previously disadvantaged.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Afri-Quest believes that training and education is an expression of both business and government strategy and a tool to address performance difficulties. Both our training and education have vision of addressing social development and seek redress past ills. Our skill and knowledge imparting efforts will be based on needs analysis reports and results. Finally, it could not have escaped our mind that the descriptive assessment processesneed to be monitored and learning verified. We have therefore employed a continuous assessment method as a vehicle of successful

learnership and skill development programmes.

Training Methodology


After analyzing the specific needs of a candidate or group of candidates scheduled to attend a planned learning intervention,

we review all materials used in the programme to make sure they will meet those needs. If the existing material will not meet the need of a specific group, we modify or prepare new materials. The latter should cater for the learned, literate, and illiterate people and are revised and improved on a regular basis.

We also discuss progress and give feedback to relevant parties within the organization .Incidents report, class register update, competency statements, work progress, and other training reports form part of our learning intervention programme. In addition, our lesson plans and work scheme books can be made available on request.                                                          



                                                                      Quality Assurance


We guarantee productivity and quality improvements for learner competency and, effectiveness in the subject trained.

 The guarantor of this level of excellence is Afri-Quest Corporate Solutions, the facilitator, and the continuous descriptive assessment.


                                         Alignment with corporate and government


·         Systematic Training

·          Standards and demand led training

·          Skill transfer and application practicability

·          Modular and Outcome Based Training

·           Transferable and portable Skills

·           Record Keeping System


Who forms part of Afri-Quest Corporate Solutions?


 We consist of highly skilled personnel in the field of Course /Workshop / Seminar Facilitation, Adult Education, Business Management, leadership Skills, Community Based Projects and Human Resource Development.

Business Consultants, Facilitator Lecturers/ Teachers / Education and Industructional Designers form a constructive partnership, and therefore have ownership in all respect. This has strengthened our capacity as a service provider.


                                                             Our reason for existence


·         Training Management and Development

·          Education

·         Form part of the global task of influencing people’s attitude to change the world (Change Agents)

·         Role player in the implementation of acquired skills

·         Custodians of human resource development and community projects

·         A vehicle that can be used by the government to create jobs


                                                Physical Resources




      Total Number


Motor vehicle

 X 5


 X 20

Photostat machine

 X 3

Fax machine

 X 3


 X 5

A3 & A4 Paper Trimmer

 X 1


 X 6


 X 1

Office and class-room furniture

 X 3 Office fully furnished and a Boardroom x 12 work stations.

Flip chart stands and Board

 X 2

Over Head & Data Projector

 X 1 & X 1

Out Door Sound Equipment

 X 2

Notice Board

 X 1

White Board

 X 3








                                     Generic Advisory  Service



This professional and highly knowledgeable service is available on an hourly basis. The process tends to follow four steps:

·         Problem / needs analysis

·         Recommendation and design of a intervention

·         Partnership implementation

·         Evaluation


*Personnel Policy

     *Occupation Health and Safety

        Procedure and Policy

*Employment contract


      *VIGS / HIV training / counseling

*Supervisory training on

   Staff Legislation

      *Injury on Duty

*Staff Development Plans


       *Performance Management

*Personnel Sensitization

       *Strategic Business Planning


*Recruitment and Selection


        *Organizational Development


*Process Re-engineering

        *Disciplinary Hearing / Action











                                                     Implementing Staff Policy



We empower business with a comprehensive personnel policy and procedure system that adheres to all legislation and will simplify personnel management.


Personnel Administration Policy System


·         Comprehensive Personnel Policy set

·         Disciplinary code and procedure

·         Grievance procedure

·         Empowering procedure

·         Strike procedure

·         Vacation policy and procedure

·         Comprehensive personnel filing system-according to your business needs


INCLUDED: Policy, Documentation, Forms and Training to up to 10 supervisors on how use the system


                                                                 Organizational Development


Through our organization Development Processes we enhance business effectiveness, efficiency and growth on individual, team and / or organizational level.


  Job Profiling

-Job outputs

- Quality requirement per job output

-Functional and behavioral competencies                                                 

Team Building / Team Developmentthat really

  Makes a difference              


 Performance Management

             -Policy and process





            Provide a detailed report on staff / customer views

            according to structured survey / audits tool, designed

            according to the needs of the organization.

   Organizational Diagnostics

           Determine root causes for problem areas and find

           Solutions that fit to turn around the problem areas.







                                                   Skills Development


Afri-Quest Corporate Solutions appreciates that training is a critical long term investment for any business / organizations future capacity

to be competitive. As such we ensure that our training and development are aligned with the business plan and strategy and aimed at both business development and human development.

We can offer the following services in alignment with the SAQA standards:


Workplace skills plan development


Implementation reports


Skills audits



                                            Our Short Courses


Afri-Quest provides courses to suit all your generic business needs.

Our courses are guaranteed to be practical outcome based and most of our courses are aligned to unit standards.

Important notes:

1.      Courses fees include course material, refreshments and the venue.

2.      Only experienced topic experts` present courses.

3.      Course material can be customized to suit the specific need of your organization

4.      Our courses are guaranteed to be practical and outcomes based.

5.      We will gladly negotiate a training costing structure, should you put together a training  package for your organization from our course options.



Our adult education facilitators are experienced and our course material and structure are highly recommended by various training bodies.


GETC ID No.24153 offering the following learning areas:

·   Numeracy levels 1-3;

·    Mathematics level 4

·    Language and Communication level 1-4

·   Human and Social Sciences level 4

·   Life Orientation level 4

·   Small Medium Micro  Enterprises level 4

·   Tourism level 4

·   Ancillary Health Care level 4

·   Economic and Management Sciences level 4

·   Nature Sciences level 4

·   Arts and Culture level 4

·   Technology level 4: and

·   Applied agriculture and Agriculture Technology level 4


South African Sign Language (SASL)


The deaf community is a part of our daily lives they reside in the same areas as we do they use the same mode of transport as we

 do this may include but not limited to Taxi Bus Train Air Plane etc. They also make use or need services from their local municipality,

provincial departments and national government.  Public sector is faced with and recognizes the unique opportunity to train their employees

and equip them with the ability to sign or make use of the South African Sign Language as interpreters. We believe that the market is in its

growth period whereby personnel development is becoming key, but also aligning oneself with social issues affecting your organization directly

 or indirectly at this stage and that we are uniquely positioned to successfully implement this program with the key focus of making the services

 of the public sector Deaf community friendly.


Sample of a Lesson plan:


·The Alphabet

·Cardinal and Ordinal Numbers

·Introducing Yourself

·English vs SASL Structure


·Indicating Time

·Days, Months and Seasons


Afri-Quest Corporate Solutions – Specializes in Training and Development.

We will, through our professional and expert’s advice and support assist your organization to reach its full potential.


Contact Details:

Donald Chaka                                                                     073 171 3984


Dr.  Maboya                                                                        083 252 2906


Office                                                                                         051-432 8513


Office                                                                                         1156 Katleho Extension

                                                                                                    Lovedale Rd. Bloemfontein

Postal Address                                                                          P. o. Box 21380                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Bloemfontein   

Fax                                                                                               086 245 1344

Email                                                                                           info@afri-quest.coza