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Our Services


Strategic Constultancy

We devise and implement effective communication strategies, from launching a new brand or service, repositioning an existing one, or seeking to build digital presence through graphics and link-building. We also provide PR-led events, media training, and support services writing materials, organizing imagery, and conducting research to ensure that your message is communicated effectively to your target audience.


Design And Marketing

We specialize in creating and maintaining strong brand identities for businesses, including brand names, guidelines, and positioning strategies. Our team also offers a wide range of design, marketing, and communication services, including brochures, leaflets, reports, tender documents, floorplans, copywriting, translations, stationery, award entries, hoardings, and direct marketing campaigns..


Public Relations

From website design and development, podcast production, and e-commerce solutions. We enhance your digital communications through blogs, Facebook and Twitter. We provide support for photo brief and photoshoots, professional dressing and computer-generated imagery. We produce high-quality videos that will effectively convey your message to your target audience.


An impressive 10+ year record creative marketing and public relations work

Afri-Quest Corporate Solutions was established after identifying a growing demand from clients for a different, more bespoke, considered and personalized approach to marketing and communications. Afri-Quest Corporate Solutions work as a team, are transparent, aim to open doors, and establish long-term partnerships with our clients.

By knowing what it takes to deliver outstanding client service and we appreciate that the smallest details and demonstration of ownership and care make all the difference. We are here to protect your interests and deliver on every occasion.

Afri-Quest Corporate Solutions focuses on adding value and delivering results for clients whether through sophisticated integrated marketing and PR campaigns; a specific design project or creating a high impact website and related digital promotion work.

Who We Are

Enjoy the benefits that come with a winning and expanding company.

Located in Manguang, the company’s head office and studio is at the forefront of the latest technology and provides a fertile environment for inspired ideas and communication work. The business combines dedicated client focus with the disciplines of good management and client reporting

The management structure ensures that a director oversees every stage of a client’s marketing, public relations or digital projects, which are delivered with dedication, focus, on time and within budget.

Our Reach

The company’s directors have worked on a global basis alongside leading brands from the worlds of residential and commercial property development, retailing, hotels, travel operators and blue-chip corporations from the banking, IT, marine and automobile sectors.

Our Record

This impressive track record enables the company to bring unrivalled experience and skills to each new project it undertakes. Clients repeatedly choose to work with Afri-Quest Corporate Solutions because the company sees itself as an extension of the client’s team, and because of the quality, consistency and reliability of the team and the results delivered.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Get answers to common questions about our company, including what services we offer, where we’re located, what industries we’ve worked with, and why clients choose to work with us.

Afri-Quest Corporate Solutions provides marketing, public relations, and digital services to clients in various industries.

Afri-Quest Corporate Solutions has worked with leading brands in various industries, including residential and commercial property development, retailing, hotels, travel operators, banking, IT, marine, and automobile sectors.

Afri-Quest Corporate Solutions has an international team that is professional, creative, and commercial, with a track record of working with leading brands in various industries.

Clients repeatedly choose to work with Afri-Quest Corporate Solutions because of its dedicated client focus, good management practices, and the quality, consistency, and reliability of the team and the results delivered.

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